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Summer Tourneys

Friday, December 15, 2017 -

Mentioned at the Parent Meeting I would get this out.

Legion A
June 1-4 PBR Tourney (Possible Host)
June 15-17 Top of the Rockies at Cherokee Trail
June 25-28 Omaha Pathway Games through Triple Crown.
June June 29-July 4 Rapid City Fire Cracker
We will most likely get a couple vans for Omaha and Rapid back to back I am working on college dorms in Omaha and Rapid for team lodging. So this will be a team road trip we will have to go straight to Rapid from Omaha.
July 10-15 AABC Connie Mack Western Regional in Cheyenne at Powers and Pioneer. We got an automatic bid.
July 19-22 Gabe pando Memorial Tourney. I had to move it back a week with accepting the bid to the CM Regional.
Legion A State - Will be somewhere in that last weekend of July. exact dates aren't set yet.

Legion B
June 7-10 PBR Toruney - (Possible Host)
June 15-17 Top of the Rockies (Possible Host)
June 21-24 - 16u Mickey Mantle Western Regional Frederick and Erie. Top two teams get birth to Waterbury CT. If we get that birthwe would have to figure out if we want to accept.
June 28- July 1 - 4th of July shootout (possible host)
July 5-8 - Northern Co invite (Host)
July 12-15 - 16 u mid summer classic. Cherokee Trail
Legion B State - Date not set, back end of july.

Legion C
June 7-10 - PBR (possible Host)
June 21-24 - Mile High Invite - Denver Area
June 28- July 1 4th of July Shootout. Cherokee Trail
June 5-8 - Northern Colorado invite (Host)
June 12-15 - 15u Mid Summer Classic. Denver
Legion C State - Dates not released yet. Somewhere end of July.
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When you pace yourself in practice, unconsciously, when the game starts, you pace yourself during the game. You pace yourself and try to pick your spots, which is terrible because there‚Äôs no substitute for hustle. --- Red Auerbach

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